All About Abstract

All About Abstract

Written By Jessa
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What Is Abstract Art?
Colour, Shape, Form, Texture, Line and Value. The six elements that create an exciting and intriguing piece of art.  But what is it, that makes it, Abstract? Let's start by understanding the basics!  
Dr Jolly Koh, Abstract Art

The Common Understanding Of Abstract Art.

When we look at an abstract art piece, the most commonly asked question is, ‘What Is That?’ or ‘Why?’. 

For many, abstract art is an unrealistic and out of the world approach to portray what we see with our human eyes. However that is also where we feel the essence that Abstract Art can bring.


Ever had the experience, where you’re standing in front of a huge painting in the gallery, and you find yourself pacing front and back, tilting your head, to try to solve this mystery that consists of both the question and sometimes, the answer? Occasionally, you end up walking away, with a unique answer that can only be seen, felt and understood by you. For you are the only person in the world that has walked through your life experience in your own shoes. Hence why art is subjective, because with every pair of eyes, comes with a new individual perspective.

According to research, curiosity is said to boost positive emotions and lower levels of anxiety! So not only does art bring colours into the room, it can bring you a better psychological boost too! Why wait? Book yourself a visit to that Art Gallery you saved in your go-to list now!


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