Biography of Jaee Tee

Jaee’s works is evident of her improvisational and intuitive nature.
An abstract expressionist based in Kuala Lumpur, her artworks fuses elements of different kinds, creating textures and expressive gestures with the use of impasto.

Her artworks is influenced by her childhood memories of being intimately connected with nature. Jaee often uses natural elements such as turmeric, salt, sand in her works.
Art to her means to practice catharsis, innovation and discovery.

Her series of artwork here is a collection of her emotions during her last diving trip. When the world was quiet underwater, she found herself in a place of pure joy, peace and excitement. These works represents our innate human desire to return “home” to a place more than a feeling of comfort
but a place where you belong.

Recently, Jaee started producing her NFT collections and successfully created all 4 of Syed Saddiq’s NFT for the NFT4HOPE collection.
Jaee has also executed commissions for a range of private clients from all over the world. Her works are in many countries like USA, Italy, Korea, Maldives, Singapore and Malaysia.
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