About The Resplendent Dance!

When dancers entwined to the tune of an orchestra,
Just as the string quartets, brass & percussions play on,
The grand hum of symphonious beauty unfolds,
echoes magnificently within the walls, embracing souls with its majestic glory.

As the brush strokes and as the oil flows across the canvas, just like a resplendent dance, into our hearts like the Vena Amoris, meaning through the ‘vein of love’, awakening the lost soul within us and igniting a flame that sets an inferno of inspirations.

Qing Gallery is very pleased to share the richness of the artworks of 3 distinguished artists - each who are masters of their own destiny - to unleash and to evoke the magic of colours in our lives.
Join us for an ethereal exhibition of masterpieces by
Dr. Jolly Koh, Michelle Yap and Jaee Tee