Biography of Dr. Jolly Koh

Dr. Jolly Koh (b. Singapore, 1941), an intellectually profound figurative artist is undoubtedly one of the early masters who made the biggest impressions on the Malaysian modern art scene. He started painting at an early age and held his first solo exhibition at 16 years old.

Alongside his contemporaries in art in Malaysia, Anthony Lau, Cheong Laitong, Ibrahim Hussein, Latiff Mohidin, Syed Ahmad Jamal, and Yeoh Jin Leng, Dr. Jolly Koh participated in an exhibition GRUP held in 1967. His pursuit for perfection and excellence has contributed to his legendary evolution of becoming a pioneer of modern art in Malaysia. He studied at Hornsey College of Art, London, United Kingdom and received his National Diploma in Design in 1962. He spent most of his time in the field of art education, painting, teaching and sharing his wisdom around the globe.

His art stroke beauty mirrors the artistic sensibility of a pristine artist, who allows the natural movements of his hands to create an ethereal visual experience. His timeless works is a manifestation from the artist himself through his bohemian inventive style that reveals his raw talent, refined taste and his personal love for the true understanding of the language of art.

The entire evolution of Malaysia’s modern art is enshrouded completely within the man himself. His undiminished energy is vibrantly seen through these 6 selected pieces. Witness the evolutionary visual experience created by Dr. Jolly Koh, a master of art with decades of wisdom dancing to a romantic and harmonious symphony.

“The process of painting is pretty much like the process of living, the circumstances leads you from one thing to another.” 

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