About The Chosen 12


An Exclusive Exhibition by Contemporary Artist, Jaee Tee - “The Chosen 12"

This exhibition marks as Jaee’s second exhibition with Qing Gallery -
featuring 16 artworks honouring the Chinese zodiac.
According to myths, the twelve chosen animals are in order of the outcome of a race assembled by the Jade Emperor- where birthed ‘time’ as a measurement for people.


In this collection, Jaee draws inspiration from her profound Chinese heritage and the culture of calligraphy and ink painting.
With the blend of the eastern and western techniques, Jaee creates a visual juxtaposition of intricacy and fluidity, control and spontaneity, stability and precariousness, balance and chaos -- and ultimately reality and imagination - everything with an elegant touch of oriental art with unrestrained energy and spirit of Abstract Expressionism.

View The Chosen 12 Artworks Here