By Jacky Tsai

*POA = Price On Application

Pole Dancer, 2017 by Jacky Tsai

Pole Dancer, 2017 
Lacquer Carving on Wood Panel
130 X 130 CM
£ 50,000
Skin, Wonder and Red,
As she pleases the crowd, they raise their bets,
Clatter of coins, loud roars of men,
Stacks of notes — children’s play,
Wealth is a state mind, a sport, a culture and gold,
The rich always get whatever they want whenever they need.

Unity In Diversity, 2020
Lacquer Carving on Wood Panel
180 X 390 CM (Triptych)

Danger strikes mankind suddenly! 
One that knows no boundaries and transcends pain,

Confusion, anxiety, and loneliness fell like piercing rain,
A time our bustling world screeched to a halt and Covid gained,
Humanity fought hard in different formations to have this deadly scourge tamed, 
Tireless efforts. Unrelenting spirits. Unwavering hope.

Mankind has once again proven its resilience to survive,
As we watched on, through vacs, screens and masks, the new necessities of life, 
We begin to realise how we really needed one another to thrive,

Goodness will prevail through 
the shining amours and light,

The colours of life restored, in all hues and might,
The closer we look, the more we will see it right,
To defeat the plight... we all need unity in diversity!


Pleasures of Roaming, 2018
Pleasures of Roaming, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas
190 X 270 CM
£ 90,000


It is the same pair of eyes that looks back at us in the mirror,
The same glance, iris and shape,
Once from the future, some from the past, 
This realm of co-existing with extraterrestrial beings, 
Metallic body amidst soft Chinese silk Hànfú,

Kenny G’s sax and traditional folding fans, 
A fantasy, 
A vision,

A world of its own kind.


One Night In Macau, 2016
Lacquer Carving on Wood Panel
130 X 130 CM
On-lookers and bystanders,
Faces of seekers and pretenders,
Do we need to base our decisions on them more than we need?
A rush of adrenaline and over-confident bets,
Will not reverse once it’s set,
Mind your thoughts, follow your hearts,
No matter who you are or where you are at,
Follow your dreams and your past will help you tell,
To a future you will then do exceptionally well.

Golden Fortune Tree, 2017
Lacquer Carving on Wood Panel 
107 X 180 CM
£ 60,000


A Symbol,
A Belief and Pride. 
To defend with honour, 
To protect our soil. Right there,
In the middle of things, a victorious hero,
A gracious f a i r y,
An army of Strength.
 A  b e a u t i f u l  c h a o s.
Shanghai Tang Café, 2017
Acrylic on Canvas
150 X 450 CM (Triptych)

Memories, memories, 
Bringing with it so much nostalgia,
Who would you be if you can turn back the hands of time, 
When you look into the mirror, who do you see? 

From a vintage TV, land line telephone, baby superman to a qibao lady, 
Perception clashes with reality from what we always imagined who we would be,

The harmony of both, would actually create life bigger than what we can imagine,
Past and present, old and new, 
Remember your roots,

Celebrate your legacy,
No matter how and where you are.


Floral Horse (Limited Edition), 2015
100 X 100 CM
£ 3,000


A beautiful horse, brought alive by flowers,
As it once used to gallop and graze for hours,
Blossoming from the bones, the flowers, and butterflies,
Time, the more it goes, the more its gone, 
Find beauty in the decay,

Appreciate what’s infront of you, before it gets taken away.

David's Fantasy, 2015
Screenprint on Plywood
150 X 150 CM
£ 15,000

A King,
A man after God’s own heart,
The creator of dynasties,
Conquerer of foes,
A lover, musician, prophet and warrior, 
A figure not to be forgotten,

A reminder that no title is too big to be worn,
Not one soul is greater than another.


Gambling Skull, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas
190 X 150 CM
£ 35,000

Did you know that gambling brings with it a cultural history?

Started since the dawn of human history in Ancient China when a game of lottery using wood with drawings, referred to as tiles, were founded in 2300 BC.

How many Chinese beauties can you spot?
What about the Chinese acrobats? 
Do you realise the diamond is inverted?


Sunrise, 2020
Screenprint on Canvas (Unique)
218 X 200 CM
£ 50,000

Luscious greens, pale salmon skies,
Birds flying high, sounds of waves and water,
It is the crack of dawn, 
moments after the moon kissed us goodbye,

In the mundane and the usual,
Lies nature’s magic — the warm sun, the smell of the earth and a beautiful rainbow,
Of all things big and small, 
the rising sun, larger-than-life,

Serves as a sheer hope of man.


The Sun Rises on The West, 2017
Lacquer Carving on Wood Panel
120 X 120 CM
£ 35,000

Is this real life? Is this a fantasy?
When the sun rises on the west,
Its a wonder if it would set in the east, 
The boundaries of norm breached and doesn’t seem right,

Dark becomes light, and light becomes dark,
Open your Mind, open your soul, be drawn in deeper as you watch this unfold.
As you admire such beauty,
You will realise life can begin with the skull,
And end with a human with a soul,
So as the sun sets on the east,
Life begins when you kill a man and let him live again.


Four Horses (Limited Edition), 2020
94 X 94 CM
£ 2,000 

Four horses and four knights,
From four corners of the earth with four walks of life,
Relying on each others’ strategies and with one goal in mind,
United and ready to fight the deadly virus on sight,
To protect the human race, 
And to defend each kingdom, 
Till the sun paints a victorious yellow, 
It is all of these battles,

That shapes the future of our daughters and young fellows. 


Floral Skull, 2018
Originally made for Alexander McQueen
Screenprint with Gold Leaf & Glow In the Dark Ink
95 X 95 CM
£ 5,500 

Death is inevitable,
For those who are lucky to be born,

Life is to be celebrated well,
For what is a legacy that doesn’t sell,
Isn’t this fulfilment for humans — the complete cycle of life?
Two complete opposites, bringing so much in between,
The flowers mean love, life and creation,

The skull means death, fear and renewal on its part,
What was once feared, can be embraced and immortalised to art,
Tsai’s prominent masterpiece for the late Alexander McQueen.


Dunhuang Skull (Limited Edition), 2020
92 X 124 CM
£ 9,000

Dunhuang City,
The place where East meets West,
Situated the largest Buddhist temple known as the
Caves of the Thousand Buddhas,
represented by caves cut in the rocks. 

Can you find the sleeping Buddha? 
What can you recognise in the right eye of the skull? 


Tigers in Wonderland (Limited Edition), 2019
100 X 78 CM
£ 2,500

A majestic creature,
A guardian angel, 
The spirit of the jungle,

King of all beasts,
The magnificent Tiger.
The sun, 
The fire,

Let the Year be ushered with tenacity with a balance of forces from the Universe.

(In Collaboration with WWF)

Pow! Pow! Pow! 2014
105 X 86 CM
£ 3,500 

From the beginning of time,
No stars were ever dimmed,
Lights and explosions colour the sky,
Inspiring us from the time we were brought to life and learn to cry,
We all begin with contrasting languages, interests, beliefs and colours,
These differences makes you you, and me me,
We may be separate beings but we will always co-exist together.

New York Cityscape Stamp (Limited Edition), 2016
Screenprint with glow in the dark ink and vanish on Somerset Satin
410 gsm paper with hand cut-out edges
100 X 84 CM
£ 4,500 

New York, New York!
The city that never sleeps,
She keeps her brightness on,
Blazing the trail for those lost in the dark,
Bestowing hopes and dreams,
To it’s inhabitants of all colours,
What a time to feel so alive, the lights will inspire you, 
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,

There's nothing you can't do here,
as the streets will make you feel reborn..
So for now flame your imagination,
Sow your dreams and pollinate your whispers through this city, 
And let them bring tears of joy to those listening.
The Majestic Queen (Heart Version), 2017
Screenprint on Plywood
100 X 100 CM
£ 10,000

Queen Elizabeth II,
Her legendary reign towers truly,
With power, dignity and poise,
Her magnificent empire sees the sun rising from east and setting in the west,
her allegiance to her beloved empire sets the best from rest,
An everlasting iconic from abundance to rations,
Always the backbone of her nation,
Strong and determined with a heart of gold,
ignited with passion and flame,
the grand dame of the British Monarch never need any fame,
For she is loved so greatly by so many all the same.


Open Your Mind Skullpture, 2015
44 X 44 X 44 CM
£ 20,000 

Butterflies often mean freedom and change,
But did you know that it also represents rebirth and life? 
The idea captured is to embrace what we fear,

For what is worth,
A life well lived, is what our hearts should desire.


Fly Me To The Moon, 2014
Lacquer Carving on Wood Panel
120 X 120 CM

 The golden base holds the richness of two,
The East and The West, 
One of the earliest pieces that combines western pop

With Chinese traditional art, 
A symbolic painting, 
Western superheroes flying with Chinese beauties by their side,

To explore new adventures.
A phenomenal medley.
Almost an unimaginable possibility. 
Take flight, follow suit, keep your realities away,

For all is possible, 
Great opportunities are born from daring dreams. 


Poker Skull, 2013
92 X 124 CM

The faces of Kings in a playing deck are designated as
King David for spades ♠️,
King Alexander for hearts♥️,
King Charlemagne for diamonds♦️ and
King Augustus for clubs ♣️

The King of Hearts is named “The Suicide King” as the sword is seen as being used to stab himself in the head.
The Queens are Queen Pallas♠️,
Queen Judith♥️,
Queen Rachel♦️ and Queen Argine ♣️

How many Kings and Queens can you spot? 
How many Joker(s) can you find? 
Do you realise that different Queens smile differently?

Plum Play, 2016
Hand-painted blue and white porcelain
90 X 90 CM

What is more beautiful than delicate beauty,
There is something quite serene about fragility, 
Unspoken attraction, makes you wonder, 
Creates an imagination that is more interesting than ever,
An enchanting beauty, with two gold strings,
Let's make a trip to where oceans meet.

Puppets, 2021
90 X 100 CM
£ 2,500  

To control and to predict,
everyone else’s fate,
The strings are invisible to many,
As they tap to the rhythmless beat.
We move past life so robotically,
Tugging, pulling, ending up at the same place consistently,
Power, fame, fortune and money,
Look beyond and you shall discover the true puppet master.