By Dr Jolly Koh

*POA = Price On Application

Flame Nebula, 2013 
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
180 X 390 CM

The Flame Nebula is one of the biggest and brightest in the constellation,
Beaming from above,
The vibrant red emission keep us in awe,
Through which inspiration we draw,
The power to transform ourselves,
Is the same divine ability as to how a nebula is formed.
Horse, II, 2016 
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
122 X 173 CM

Your breath is like the warmth of summer
Who can hold the reins upon you?
 To run the wide great rolling hills of time
To be free in the spaces of your heart
Let the latest gale let free your roaring energy of success;

Horses and men are more than just alike,
With speed and strength enough to pull the sun across the skies,
History has seen them from battles, to racecourses to chariots,
Fulfilling the many destinies of both mankind and beasts,

A symbol of wealth and power,
With a ground of a grand warm base,
To ascensions and to triumphants everywhere it goes.

Clair de Lune, 2019 
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
143 X 92 CM
MYR 138,000

Dwell on the beauty of life,
Like serenity of the stars
Watch the twinkle,
That sparks the shooting star
The sun sets and the moon rises
Just as the moonlight never outshines the sunlight.

Choose your battles in life
Just as wisely as the mighty knight
You will always be the king of the night.

Moonlight Sonata, 2018 
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
137 X 152 CM
MYR 198,000

Be swept away..
Be deliriously happy
Love is not only a passion,
It’s an obsession!

Just as talent is nothing without work,
Love is nothing without romance.
Go forth and fall head over heels,
Forget your head and listen to your heart,
Find someone you can love like crazy
Someone you can’t live without
Who will love you right back.

No sense in make a journey in life,
Without falling madly in love
If you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived
Let go of those who are not prepared to love you back.

Whatever happens to you is waiting to happen since the beginning of time..

Just like the passion of the reds crimsons over the coolness of the blue hues,
Love even when loving hurts so much.

Breath of the Dragon, 2014 
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
56 X 142 CM
MYR 88,000

Some were born to be dragons
Some were born to tame dragons.
Don't let anyone tell you are smaller than that,
Or who you are meant to be.
You are a descendent of the Phoenix, with the blood of a dragon,
Representing great power, good luck, strength, health and
immense male Yang energy.
And sometimes, you are going to be as fierce,
But to breath and let live
Is the true heart of a dragon.

Splash, 2018  
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
142 X 148 CM
MYR 198,000

May the colours of warmth seeps into our souls,
Bringing back the feeling of a long lost embrace,
Like a tiny splash in roaring ocean
Silence speaks a thousand words
When a thousand words can’t speak one truth,
It’s time to let go and enjoy the sound of silence.