Kumbu Muau, 2014 by Anniketyni Madian

Kumbu Muau, 2014 

Mixed Hardwoods | 183CM (Diameter)

Born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak, Anniketyni Madian moved to Peninsula Malaysia to study sculpture at UiTM. After graduating in 2009, she
set up a studio to begin work on a sculptural practice that has garnered acclaim both critical and commercial, both locally and around the world. Career highlights are participating in the esteemed Rimbun Dahan Residency, shortlisting in the Top 30 for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize (2016/2017) and being presented with the Young Guns Art Award. Additionally, Anniketyni has been invited to create several commissions and public sculptures; most notably a public sculpture for the Mall of Medini in Johor Bahru, a commission for the United Nations in Rome, a commission for the Corporate Art Award in Rome, a commission for Google Malaysia and her works are found in One and Only Desaru, Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental.

‘Kumbu Muau’ is a prime example of the wooden wall sculptures with which Anniketyni made her name. The work is filled with subtle nuances of material exploration, commentary on the evolving role of craft traditions and insights into Iban, Sarawakian and Muslim heritage. Right from the start of her career she experimented with a stylisation of the patterns found in Pua Kumbu. A traditional waft textile woven exclusively by the women of the Iban tribe, Pua Kumbu merges motifs and designs drawn from the extensive canon of oral Iban literature with personal insights, to create rich tapestries often reserved for ceremony. Clear parallels exist between the production of pua kumbu and Anniketyni’s practice: the utilisation of historical pattern and narrative combined with personal flair, exemplified by the sharp, graphic lines patterns are pared into, in an artistry that cements their maker’s position within her society- whether that be in an Iban tribe or the Malaysian contemporary art world.

The influence of this style of wooden sculptures inspired by pua kumbu patterns resonates throughout Anniketyni’s practice. In her current practice she no longer produces these fully wooden works, which are highly sought after by collectors of contemporary Malaysian art. Extremely refined in finish and impressive in scale, ‘Kumbu Muau’ is widely regarded as an ‘Anniketyni Classic’.