Moonlight Sonata, 2018 by Dr. Jolly Koh

Moonlight Sonata, 2018 
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
137 X 152 CM
MYR 198,000

Be swept away..
Be deliriously happy
Love is not only a passion,
It’s an obsession!

Just as talent is nothing without work,
Love is nothing without romance.
Go forth and fall head over heels,
Forget your head and listen to your heart,
Find someone you can love like crazy
Someone you can’t live without
Who will love you right back.

No sense in make a journey in life,
Without falling madly in love
If you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived
Let go of those who are not prepared to love you back.

Whatever happens to you is waiting to happen since the beginning of time..

Just like the passion of the reds crimsons over the coolness of the blue hues,
Love even when loving hurts so much.