New York Cityscape Stamp (Limited Edition) 2016, by Jacky Tsai

New York Cityscape Stamp (Limited Edition), 2016
Screenprint with glow in the dark ink and vanish on Somerset Satin
410 gsm paper with hand cut-out edges
100 X 84 CM
£ 4,500


New York, New York!
The city that never sleeps,
She keeps her brightness on,
Blazing the trail for those lost in the dark,
Bestowing hopes and dreams,
To it’s inhabitants of all colours,
What a time to feel so alive, the lights will inspire you, 
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,

There's nothing you can't do here,
as the streets will make you feel reborn..
So for now flame your imagination,
Sow your dreams and pollinate your whispers through this city, 
And let them bring tears of joy to those listening.