Unity In Diversity, 2020 by Jacky Tsai



Unity In Diversity, 2020
Lacquer Carving on Wood Panel
180 X 390 CM (Triptych)


Danger strikes mankind suddenly! 
One that knows no boundaries and transcends pain,

Confusion, anxiety, and loneliness fell like piercing rain,
A time our bustling world screeched to a halt and Covid gained,
Humanity fought hard in different formations to have this deadly scourge tamed, 
Tireless efforts. Unrelenting spirits. Unwavering hope.

Mankind has once again proven its resilience to survive,
As we watched on, through vacs, screens and masks, the new necessities to life, 
We begin to realise how we really needed one another to thrive,

Goodness will prevail through 
the shining armours and light,

The colours of life restored, in all hues and might,
The closer we look, the more we will see it right,
To defeat the plight... we all need unity in diversity!